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Centre for Cities. Read more.

“Cities Outlook 2011 highlights some of the challenges confronting cities today: economic development, unemployment, changing demographics, ever-increasing resident expectations - all coupled with significantly reduced budgets. Leaders will need to act decisively and on a broader range of topics if their cities are to transition successfully into ‘Smarter Cities’.

The greatest advances in improving city life for residents are created by visionaries who are able to see and plan beyond organisational boundaries. Understanding where you are today, with respect to your peers and competitors, is an essential first step towards setting and achieving goals - this report helps provide this valuable information.”
Stephen Leonard, Chief Executive, IBM UK and Ireland

“Thriving cities are essential to the UK’s economic recovery and to our continuing global competitiveness. Investment and growth in London remain crucial not only for Londoners and for London businesses - they also support growth and prosperity in other UK cities. Each of our great cities is unique, but also part of a network linking people, ideas and products. I warmly welcome the work of the Centre for Cities in helping us to understand better the economic importance of cities, the relationships between our cities and how we can work together to succeed in the global economy.”
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

News and Features

  • The Modern City
    Cities are complex, noisy, congested and bursting at the seams, yet people continue to chose to live and work in them. We need our cities to thrive in order to secure all of our futures. Where should we start?

  • Flintshire gains a greener IT landscape with IBM (PDF, 493KB)
    Flintshire has ambitious goals to reduce its power consumption and cut carbon emissions. For the growing IT infrastructure, the emphasis is on eliminating “white space” in servers and storage devices through consolidation and virtualisation.

  • Bradford-i programme
    The story on how Bradford Council and IBM worked together on the council's Bradford-i programme.

Case studies

View the public sector local government case studies here.

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