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Defence and Security

Today’s political, military and technology landscape puts greater emphasis than ever before on the efficiency and capability of defence organisations. It requires a more flexible, integrated and network-centric approach to defence: not just in the field, but across the spectrum of criminal justice, national and international security.

IBM works in partnership with the MoD to help respond to these challenges, applying commercial best practice, industry standard technologies, and decades of experience in the defence sector. Our capabilities include:

IBM has worked with the MoD for more than 50 years. Highlights of our work in defence include the RAF LITS system, which we have run for some 15 years; the successful delivery of the UK’s state-of-the-art air surveillance and interceptor command-and-control system, which won the 2007 MCA Management award in the Technology category; and co-founding the International Technology Alliance to promote research and technology innovation in defence and security.

Royal School of Military Engineering

IBM advises royal School of Military Engineering on innovative £3billion PPP procurement.

Delivering comprehensive situational awareness

How can the MOD utilise existing technologies to support operations in an agile, responsive, scalable and deployable manner?

On the Move

Advancing military logistics towards sense-and-respond.

Case studies

View the public sector defence case studies here.

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