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Smarter Healthcare

To build a smarter system, healthcare solutions need to be instrumented, interconnected and intelligent

Make Healthcare Smarter. Enabling Better eHealth Around the World. Connect. Engage. Transform. Download this whitepaper to learn more (PDF, 831KB).

The continuing modernisation of the NHS puts greater emphasis than ever before on the role of technology in providing higher standards of patient-centric care. The NHS is one of the world’s most diverse and complex service organisations: successful transformation depends on understanding and meeting the needs of clinicians, patients and healthcare organisations alike, as well as the delivery of high quality technologies and services.

IBM works in partnership with the NHS and its suppliers to meet these challenges. We offer:

IBM is committed to the successful transformation of healthcare delivery in the UK, and our involvement in NHS projects is a key part of our involvement in the global healthcare industry. We offer our clients the benefit of best practice and expertise gained from decades of experience working with healthcare organisations all over the world.


The Kings Fund Healthcare Seminar

Transforming UK Healthcare with Interconnected Systems - Healthcare Webinar

News and features

  • Business analytics for healthcare (US)
    Healthcare organizations worldwide trust IBM Business Analytics software to help them drive operational efficiencies and reduce costs, improve the quality of care they deliver and support innovative clinical research.

  • Medicine On-Demand (US)
    In 2009, IBM helped lead a humanitarian effort in a remote part of Africa that used everyday technology to get supplies of medicine to where they were needed the most.

  • Advanced Case Management
    Approximately 80 per cent of data processed in the public sector is completely unstructured and government employees are wasting time searching through this information or on other similarly manual tasks.

  • Clinical Portal
    A single interface that allows for personalized interaction with healthcare applications, content, processes and people

  • The state of smarter healthcare report
    Facing the complex challenge of becoming one globally connected system with EMRs at its core and a new focus on the patient.

  • Active Healthcare (FLV, 00:02:04)
    Keep a remote ‘eye’ on vital signs. Using mobile devices to monitor patients' health in their own homes and send a timely alert about any problems.

Case studies

View the public sector healthcare case studies here.

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Case Study


NHS Wakefield District develops a shared-services model for management information

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