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Cost reduction through citizen self-service

A hot topic of discussion for 2010

Cost reduction through citizen self-service. Tapping the power of Web portals to efficiently deliver improved government services.

Give people what they want—information and services, on demand

Government agencies are constantly searching for ways to better serve the needs of citizens more effectively and responsively. Citizens and business users are now used to getting their information and completing transactions online.

They expect this level of service from government, and they want it on demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Agencies feel the pressure to provide higher-quality services to more constituents through more effective implementations.
Government bodies face competing challenges to provide enhanced service to constituents. Budget constraints mean fewer resources to upgrade government services.

Disparate IT infrastructures and siloed information hinder communication and interoperability among agencies. Large volumes of paper information often go back decades and require cumbersome manual pro­cessing. All sensitive information must be protected from internal and external threats. And compliance issues dictate that agencies meet certain specifications to protect data and manage it appropriately.

How can government agencies address these challenges and still improve service and increase efficiency for citizens, businesses and their own employees?

Web portals—the new gateway to government services

In this environment of expanding expectations and shrinking funds, doing more with less takes innovative thinking. That’s why many forward-looking agencies are finding ways to help constituents and employees help themselves.

Self-service Web portals enable governments to help citizens obtain informa­tion, apply for services and complete transactions more quickly than ever before. These portals streamline formerly cumbersome tasks and make it easier to navigate and access large volumes of information. Imagine if in minutes, from their home, office or mobile computer, your constituents could:

These are just a few examples of the power of e-citizen portals. Information becomes more accessible, and processes become more efficient for citizens, businesses and government employees.

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