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IBM Virtual Green Data Centre

Data centres are highly secured locations, and client tours can be challenging to secure, not to mention the financial and time costs involved with site visits. Now, IBM is offering a new experience: a model of a green data centre in Second Life-a 3D virtual environment. In the IBM Virtual Green Data Centre (VGDC) visitors have an opportunity for "hands-on" experience to learn about the energy efficient technologies of IBM Project Big Green. Try solving energy problems in the data centre with interactive demos. All of this from the comfort of your office or home.

How can I visit the Green Data Centre?

Watch the preview

The Virtual Green Data Centre exhibit is located in the IBM Virtual Business Centre in Second Life.

If you are already registered in second life, visit the Virtual Green Data Centre now.

If you have never visited or are not registered in Second Life you can download the Second Life software to register and set up your avatar.

Want to learn more about Virtual Worlds?

Virtual worlds are attracting media attention and human interest. But what do they hold for the future of business and society?

IBM sees incredible potential for the 3D Internet to transform customer experiences, improve business processes, enrich commerce and transactions, to run 3-D modelling and simulations, and to better understand your markets.

This isn’t about living in Second Life, or playing sophisticated games. It’s about building platforms where serious business can be conducted, including 3-D intranets, private business worlds, application-specific platforms and tools for business transformation.

Your company may have already starting to exploit virtual capabilities. Some companies are creating private hosted virtual areas for internal collaboration, holding virtual meetings and ultimately conducting real business. Whatever stage you’re at, there are many opportunities to collaborate with IBM. It might involve our virtual-world experts working with you to explore the business potential and experiment with the application of virtual worlds to your business. Or you may want to team with us to build out the 3-D Internet, driving the standards and being at the forefront in the coming changes that will define the next generation of business through the Web.

IBM as your virtual worlds partner can:

Experience the power of visual learning. Take a guided tour of the IBM Business Centre in Second Life. Tours take off on a regular basis from the Business Centre landing spot and the Data Centre lobby.

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