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Public sector organisations in the UK are under pressure to do more with less, to respond to the challenge of climate change and to increase and improve service delivery for citizens - in other words, they need to be 'leaner, greener and keener'. Delivery of course remains the lifeblood of public service in the UK. The question is how actually to deliver on the leaner, greener and keener promise in practice. IBM can help with this challenge by sharing best practice and experiences that will contribute towards better service delivery and a greener future for the public sector.

Local Government

The UK government’s commitment to more effective, efficient and joined-up public service delivery puts huge pressure on local authorities to realise the transformation required. IBM offers innovative technologies, professional services and business transformation expertise to help deliver this far-reaching reform agenda.


Today’s political, military and technology landscape puts greater emphasis than ever before on the efficiency and capability of defence organisations. It requires a more flexible, integrated and network-centric approach to defence: not just in the field, but across the spectrum of criminal justice, national and international security. IBM works in partnership with the MoD to help respond to these challenges, applying commercial best practice, industry standard technologies, and decades of experience in the defence sector.


The continuing modernisation of the NHS puts greater emphasis than ever before on the role of technology in providing higher standards of patient-centric care. The NHS is one of the world’s most diverse and complex service organisations. Successful transformation depends on understanding and meeting the needs of clinicians, patients and healthcare organisations alike, as well as the delivery of high quality technologies and services.

IBM works in partnership with the NHS and its suppliers to meet these challenges. IBM is committed to the successful transformation of healthcare delivery in the UK, and our involvement in NHS projects is a key part of our involvement in the global healthcare industry. We offer our clients the benefit of best practice and expertise gained from decades of experience working with healthcare organisations all over the world.


In the uncertain climate of Education today, IT really does play a pivotal role in back office efficiencies and cost savings and front line educational excellence. With students becoming more immersed in technology and demanding their own tailored educational learning path it is increasingly more difficult to meet the expectations of stakeholders and with the education market being more globally accessible and price commoditised, IT delivery in all aspects can be vital to survival. IBM can help your institution do more for less in a changing landscape and partner with you to bring systemic change to you, your institution and your learners.




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Public Sector UK

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