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Healthcare Return to IBM Industries

Healthcare Return to IBM Industries

The continuing transformation of the NHS puts greater emphasis than ever before on the role of technology in providing higher standards of patient care. IBM is helping the NHS and other healthcare organisations to shape a more patient-centric health system, by using advanced technology to generate and share accurate information in real-time.

Healthcare Features

The value of analytics in healthcare (PDF, 904KB)

From insights to outcomes

Healthcare Content Management

To help you gain valuable insight into clinical data trapped in unstructured information.

Watson in Healthcare (2:16 min)

Learn some of the things that Watson can do.

This page contains also video presentation which requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

The NHS and IBM’s Smarter Healthcare Vision

To be able to deliver a full range of high-quality patient-centred services.

Case Studies




Delivering sustainable, affordable and quality healthcare with interconnected systems

Learn how interconnected systems can benefit patients, clinical professionals and healthcare organisations.

The Potential for eHealth (PDF, 832KB)

Delivering better eHealth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Latest Healthcare Case Studies

A Computerised Crystal Ball for HIV/AIDS

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This page contains also video presentation which requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

Redefining Value in Healthcare

Innovating to expand access, improve quality and reduce costs of care.

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Smarter Healthcare

To build a smarter health system, healthcare solutions need to be instrumented, interconnected and intelligent.

Financing Smarter Healthcare

Total financing for next generation innovation.

The IBM Global CMO Study

How are CMOs gearing marketing people, programs and processes to understand individuals and not just markets?

IBM Virtual Briefing Centre

Discover new solutions to your industry challenges.
Explore smarter Healthcare.

IBM SmartCloud Virtualised Server Recovery

Improved server recovery reliability and shorter recovery time.