IBM Connections Touchpoint

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IBM Connections Touchpoint

Our Connections Touchpoint solution provides an interactive user experience that can be used for a wide variety of touchpoints. For example, it can provide a guided introduction to new IBM Connections users, significantly improving their initial user experience with the platform. Our solution walks users through the process of filling in their profile, uploading a photo, choosing users and communities to follow and reviewing important usage information from their organization. By providing users with personalized and relevant content from their initial sign-in they derive immediate value and your organization benefits from improved user adoption.


Key Business Value

Enhanced user introduction / experience with IBM Connections

Improved user adoption

Secures corporate messaging opt-in

Ensures user profile data completion

Increases community membership

Key Features & Functions

Greets users with a clean, simple interface

Guides users to fill in profile information

Guides users to upload a photo

Recommends profiles for users to add to their network

Recommends communities for users to join

Requires users to review and/or acknowledge organization messaging or usage guidelines

Deployment Approach

The Touchpoint solution is deployed as an extension to your existing Connections environment, utilizing standard extension points and standard API calls.

Support for the solution utilizes the same processes as your IBM Software Products

April 2015 IBM Connections Touchpoint demonstration



February 2015: YouTube video of IBM Connections Touchpoint now available!