IBM Client Self-Assist Support (CSA) Help & Resources

  IBM Electronic Support Videos:  Below are a number of short-duration videos in regard to IBM’s CSA support processes.


Support Portal Overview  Getting started with IBM Support Portal. IBM's Support Portal






Service Request (SR) problem submission process  This video demonstrates how to use IBM Service Request (or SR) to open a problem online with IBM Support. If you are not a registered SR user, first complete the tasks described in the quick start guide.


Service Request reporting  How to generate PMR reports.


Site Technical Contact 101  This video explains the roles and responsibilities of the IBM Site Technical Contact, or STC. Each organization selects an STC when it purchases software from IBM through IBM Service Request. Visit Service Request at:


Using Service Request (SR) to review PMR’s from the web  Overall SR tool usage video including how to find and update existing PMRs


ECuRep  This video demonstrates how to use the Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep) to submit problem diagnostic data to IBM Technical Support.


PassPort Advantage (PA)  A “how-to” guide for customers trying to access IBM Passport Advantage Online, with instructions on how to gain and grant access to other users.


PassPort Advantage  Downloading Products from Passport Advantage.  Additional support brochures and quick guides can be located here.


Fix Central  How To Download Software Fixes From Fix Central


IBM Support Portal  An introduction to the IBM Support Portal


IBM Support  Getting Started with IBM Support: How to Obtain an IBM ID


End of Service Explained Explanation about the IBM product lifecycle and End of Service


Advanced IBM search techniques  Methods to search for content on


MyNotifications  How to Subscribe to Support Notifications to gain access to new and updated technical support documentation.


How to use IBM Knowledge Center Support (KCS)  Proactive problem determination self-assistance.


*For  additional CSA support video’s, please reference IBM’s Electronic Support website


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