Welcome to European Digital Experience Meet The Lab 2013

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In today's world, being able to provide even better customer experiences holds a key to success. Let your customers inspire you and find out what attracts them on your website or digital presence. With IBM Portal solutions you are engaging  both your customers and your employees and enabling

them to interact with each other from any mobile device. This way you can provide your visitors an Exceptional Digital Experience and facilitate the collaboration and communication between your employees.

We would like to invite you to the IBM Digital Experience Meet the Lab 2013 event: Here you have the chance to exchange with developers and experts from IBM and get informed on the latest trends and themes around WebSphere Portal. This will be held at the IBM Executive Briefing Center in Böblingen, 29.-30.10.

On October 29th everything revolves around Exceptional Digital Experience in your organization: How does a State-Of-The-Art Web Presence look like? We will introduce Best Practices, Case Studies and Customer References for the newest trends and solutions to you. Including a new solutions for talent and marketing management.

On October 30th the focus is on technical innovations around WebSphere Portal: Our experts from IBM Research and Development will illustrate new developments and enhancements of the WebSphere Portal Solutions. You will experience technical sessions, practical demos from the developers and round table discussions all around Portal-based websites and Intranet Portals.

You want to personally exchange with our developers? „Meet the Developers“ during the event will provide you a chance to do that. If you have a special topic to discuss, we can also arrange a separate breakout meeting with one of the experts.

So do not hesitate, register today as seats are limited. We would like you to join us for both days, but there is a possibility to register just for day 1 if needed.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Böblingen.



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Mark Osborn

Technical Leader, Europe

IBM Social Business and Collaboration Solutions


Bernd Beilke

Social Business & Digital Experience Architect