End of Support Reachout

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To ensure clients are on supported releases or are able to get support through an AVP Upgrade Bridge. 

We will proactively reach out to clients that are opening PMRs on releases that are within 6 months of reaching end of support to team them with:

  • Lab Services for upgrade assistance or
  • The Support Extension team.



  • A formal announcement of End of Support(EOS) a minimum of 12 months prior to EOS date.

  • Starting approximately 6 months prior to EOS date, support will proactively alert clients opening PMRs on these releases of the upcoming end of support date.

  • As the EOS approaches we will pull together a list of customers that continue to open PMRs on these releases.

  • A proactive contact is made to customers to advise them of these end-of-support dates and to highlight the following options:

    • Upgrade as quickly as possible -> offer upgrade assistance thru Lab Services

    • Sign up for an AVP Upgrade Bridge to stay supported until you can upgrade