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maze Getting started

Short list of things to do to begin.

  1. Visit the Service Science BLOG; read selections from the recommended reading list; books, articles and blog.
  2. Attend and speak at SSME related conferences.
  3. Use free materials to create your own course(s). Assess what your school is doing now in SSME-related studies and share with IBM and other universities. Identify gaps in curriculum and build SSME curriculum.
  4. Collaborate with other universities, share your service science curricula and courseware.
  5. Participate in SSME evolution. Conduct research in various challenge areas; apply for funds from Government agencies and foundations for service science research and training.


small design Service Design

Lucy Kimbell of Said Business School, University of Oxford, explores the practices of an emerging breed, the service designer at her web site. http://www.servicedesignresearch.com/lucy-kimbell/


IBM Systems Journal

IBM Systems Journal Special Issue on SSME 2008

V47 issue 1 This issue presents 14 papers on a variety of aspects of service science, management, and engineering in an effort to help define and promote research in this emerging multidisciplinary field. *Requires IEEE Xplore access, if you need a particular chapter, use the contact link on this page to request it.


Links to related journals. Complete list of journals


graphic of book Top 100 SSME Books:  Click to view list





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