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Pinned topic Share your stories: Who were the favorite or most interesting people you met at Pulse 2008?

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Share your stories and experiences at Pulse 2008. What were your favorite things, who were the favorite or most interesting people you met at Pulse 2008, etc.?

Watch live stories from Pulse 2008 on YouTube to see what some of the others had to share:
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    People and the Business

    ‏2008-05-27T18:12:32Z  in response to Tiffany Winman
    The most Impressing person at the conference was not just a person to me but the entire conference.  Being this was my first time at one of these conferences I was very suprised at how many people did not live in the US and how similar all our Business processes are regardless of where we are from.

    Matt Elston -- HealthTrans
  • Tiffany Winman
    Tiffany Winman
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    Tiffany's list

    ‏2008-05-27T23:33:00Z  in response to Tiffany Winman
    Matt, what a great response. Thanks for sharing. I, too, was impressed with the overall diversity and pleasing personalities of the Pulse attendees. I met so many great people, it's hard to pick my favorites. However, I'll give my initial laundry list for now and add the reasons for each later :)

    Some Tivoli customers
    • Julien
    • Gerry
    • Brenda
    • Matt
    • Rob
    • John

    A few IBM Business Partners
    • Jeff (GenE)
    • John (ACI)
    • Michael and team from Technology Associates (hey, they were hosting Texas Hold 'Em)

    Some IBMers
    • Rosalind and Armen
    • Denny and Deanna
    • Melanie
    • Danyel, Sarah, and Leone (the TUG leads)
    • John (who helped out w/ user research)
    • Ken and Kathleen (my managers)
    • Aaron(well, I count him as IBM even though he's with Experience Marketing)
    I didn't get to meet these guys (wish I did), but they were great contributors to the online group messaging going on during the conference on Twitter:
    Michael (aka cote the analyst) and Doug.
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    The IBMers

    ‏2008-05-30T03:59:06Z  in response to Tiffany Winman
    I liked how many people were there from IBM (being that they put it on :P jk)  but we are a smaller company and I don't get to see a lot them but at company meetings.  It was nice to see people daily and get to know the people that have worked so well (hard) with myself and others at our company.

    Matt Elston -- HealthTrans
  • Jennifer Dennis
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    Sharp Dressed Men

    ‏2008-06-09T21:49:44Z  in response to Tiffany Winman
    Some of my favorite  people I met at  Pulse were my own teammates!  Big Blue is  a green company that practices what  it preaches, so many IBM employees like me work from home in just about any city we prefer. Consequently I work daily with people in multiple time zones who I have never shaken hands with before Pulse. In addition to meeting all my fabulous teamies, I also was lucky enough to meet Hootie and the Blowfish. What a great band and good humored group of guys.  I always thought of rock stars as rebels that use fashion to progress their stage personas, so I was quite impressed with the great taste in clothes they selected for their Pulse gig. I guess that is one fringe benefits of putting out number 1 records and winning all those grammy awards.  You may not be able to tell from this photo but up close and personal, even Carrie Bradshaw would approve. See what you think here: