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Pinned topic FileNet P8 3.5.x on WebSphere 7.0

‏2010-10-22T17:11:45Z |
 I know all the literature and InfoCenter say FileNet P8 3.5.x is not supported on WAS 7.0.  But my big question is will it operate (even unsupported) on WAS 7.0?
We are in a critical need to update WAS from 6.1 to 7.0 but lag 3-4 months behind with our FileNet 3.5 to 4.5 upgrade.  If FileNet 3.5 will function/operate on WAS 7.0, howbeit unsupported, it would really get us out of a jam.
Since FileNet P8 3.5 is virtually unsupported now it does not increase risk that much.  Your experience and input is welcomed. 
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    Re: FileNet P8 3.5.x on WebSphere 7.0

    ‏2011-02-04T14:34:42Z  in response to Grant Hiesterman
     You are in high risk zone. Even higher if you upgrade to WAS 7.0. You can upgrade directly to P8 5.0 from 3.5. If your plans support it I would go there. I do not want to recommend a change to a working production system that is unsupported and has no instructions for what you are trying to do, so I will just provide some information
    1. FileNet p8 3.5 only requires a Web Container. No EBJ
    2. It's much easier to get an application running that only requires a web container than full JEE application.
    3. You should be able to get extended support on P8 3.5 though at extra cost if you stay on supported versions. I'll bet that WAS 7.0 would be best effort only.
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