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‏2009-02-05T19:42:11Z |
Welcome!    This community is designed to be a place to  share best practices on how to encourage the adoption of advanced collaboration in your organization.  At Lotus we define advanced collaboration as real time communication,  team collaboration, document sharing, and business community, web 2.0 collaboration. 

Here are some things you can do to get started.
1) if you haven't already, register with
2) use the button above and to the right to request to join this community
3) once you are registered, fill out your profie.  Here's mine as an example.
4) introduce yourself and your interest in evangelizing advanced collaboration in your community in the Introductions forum topic
5) Join the conversation by reading our blog, and adding a comment.  Or create a topic in the forum right here to get a conversation going!.

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