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modern technology can can aid in the improvement of security with the use of camera software ,it is now possible to secure any location remotely and at a very economical cost .the technology is both easy to use and setup surveillance can be done remotely with the use of a web browser cameras can secretly record desired location and you can view the content from any location where their is an internet connection how simple is that .we are living in modern times with number of advances in technology so why not take advantage and make your life a little easier and stress free and safer with home surveillance software you are that much safer because in these days you just never know .the software is cheap and easy to use everyone has pc and wifi access is everywhere gorne are the days of tapes and bulky equipment all that is needed now is a pc a smartphone and internet access to remotely surveillance you can never be to safe or to cautious in these times .home surveillance software is the way to go for its simplicity efficiency cost and flat out peace of mind