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Bookmarks, a tool for organizing your bookmarks, extends your ability to track Web pages that are of interest to you. You can optionally share collections of bookmarks to create a network of knowledge.

Share what you find

You can keep your bookmarks private or share some or all of them within your organization. Welcome a new employee to your team with a collection of bookmarks that will get them off to a fast start. Or see what a subject-matter expert has bookmarked. Sharing bookmarks is a powerful way to build shared information. Bookmarks can be enhanced with related content such as explanatory text or a link to a blog.

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Keep the information coming

Be the best informed on the block. Subscribe to a collection of bookmarks so your list is always up to date.

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Mark it with a tag

A tag is a keyword you assign to one or more bookmarks. For example, collect a group of sites related to a topic that interests you and tag it "to_read". You can retrieve that collection anytime. You can also search on tags.

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Manage centrally

By importing your browser favorites you can maintain one central list of all of your favorite sites. Find them, collect them, organize them and tag them for future use.

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