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Comments (6)

1 Rajasekhar Boddepalli commented Permalink

Good one, but what is the config file name......?

2 Andres Voldman commented Permalink

see here under "Related tasks:"

For example, for catalog the file is xml/config/com.ibm.commerce.catalog/wc-admin-component.xml.

3 Rajasekhar Boddepalli commented Permalink

Thank you, I have one more doubt here...
Is the ShoppingCartThreshold applies for both guest and registered users...?
If no, how to set different limits for guest and register users...?

Thanks in Advance..

4 Andres Voldman commented Permalink

Hi, It applies to both, guest and registered. If you need different values, you will need to customize the order commands.

5 Thirumurugan D commented Permalink

What would be changes needed if i want to set cart limit for specific items than for a whole store which refers the common config file?


6 Andres Voldman commented Permalink


You will need to customize the OrderItem commands. Thanks.

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