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1 Romain Lienard commented Permalink

If you were using the old version of QuickSearch, you may not have "ctrl+shift+H/U" working.

According to https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=336420 this is normal, and you'll have to set these shortcuts by yourself (basically, shortcuts are set at the very first installation of the extension, and not on update. But the very first version of QuickSearch didn't have any shortcut :)
To change shortcut, right click on the extension icon, Manage, and go to the very bottom in order to find the Keyboard Shortcut link.
And that's it :)

2 Luis Benitez commented Permalink

Great job!!! This is awesome!!

3 Darryl Wing commented Permalink

Just trying this out today - very impressed!

Love the pop-up feature although I'm not sure why the characters "Dm" appear at the top of some pop-ups instead of the title? It seems to happen when people "like", or "lock" items. When the notification is about replying to forum, or posting a file then it looks ok with the title at the top.
Also, is there a future plan to allow the user to control the timing, and perhaps size, of these pop-ups in Settings perhaps? All in all I think this is a great productivity tool - look forward to the next releases with great interest!

4 Romain Lienard commented Permalink

Hi Darryl,

unfortunately the Chrome notifications API (which is used by the plugin) is very strict : fixed window size, fixed font, no html support... The delay is only determined by a priority number : 0, 1 ou 2. While 2 seems forever, 0 is about 8 seconds, and 1 is about 20 seconds.
At the beggining it was 0, and some people reported me that it was hard to see the notifications, so I put the priority to 1. Maybe I can add a setting in the options panel to let the final user choose :)
Anyway I encourage you to read the file I just posted, you might discover some nice -and very well hidden- features in this plugin :)
ps : I'll take a look at the "dm" problem.

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