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1 Mårten Olsson commented Permalink


I find the Blueprints very helpful. I'm currently deploying a new installation where I use the script tsmdiskperf.pl to benchmark the installation and compare it to the results posted in the Blueprints. I found a "bug" under the section called "# Get the correspondence between filesystems and devices from lsblk output".
In my case, the lsblk command doesn't provide a mountpoint and because of that the wrong dm-device is used to parse the output from the iostatout.txt file. I don't know if you guys maintain it but I though I would post it somewhere :)
Thanks for the bluprints once again, it's been very helpful so far! I was in Vegas for Pulse 2014, someone there said that a new version with V5000 will be coming out later on, I'm looking forward to it!

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