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Comments (5)

1 Tiffeni Woodhams commented Trackback

Rich, thanks for sharing how IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack works with the new IBM Storwize V7000

2 Kelly Beavers commented Trackback

I partcipated in the London launch event of the new IBM Storwize V7000...standing room only...needed an overflow room. Great feedback. One analyst said "IBM has hit the bull's-eye with this".

3 Barry Whyte commented Permalink

Great to see the Tivoli software integration with the Storwize V7000 - and the vibe and general excitement of everyone I spoke to yesterday at the London launch was amazing. Great presentation too from Kelly :)

For the technical dive and insider information, check out the posts over on my blog.

4 Jim Kelly commented Permalink

Is there actual integration with Storwize V7000, or is this the same as using FastBack in any other environment to do server-based replication?
Thanks, Jim

5 Richard Vining commented Permalink

Hi, Jim - currently this is the standard TSM FastBack product. There is work underway to create a specific version of FastBack for the Storwize V7000 - we should have news on it at our annual PULSE conference in February.

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