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1 Jeff Anderson commented Permalink

Hi Richard

Do you have any data that suggests how well a Riverbed appliance (Steelhead probably) improves the performance/bandwidth utilization of node replication? Since we are already working with deduped data, it would seem the benefit is less. Has this been tested anywhere?

2 Richard Vining commented Permalink

Hi, Jeff,

You are correct that TSM deduplication will lessen the effectiveness of the Steelhead appliance, but it will still provide a big improvement because it eliminates all the back-and-forth chattiness that occurs on a standard TCP/IP connection. I don't have numbers, but Riverbed probably does.
Another option is to turn off the deduplication in the TSM server and let Riverbed do it. This will improve the overall performance of the TSM server by eliminating the dedupe processing, but it may end up requiring more storage capacity at the DR site (when Steelhead re-hydrates the data).
Thanks for the question.
-- Rich

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