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1 Martha Westphal commented Permalink

Couldn't agree more. I was so excited to see the traffic around the Storage pedestals, the audiences in each of our breakout sessions....we had great sessions, conversations, demonstrations and plenty of time to network. A good time was had by all!


2 Maria Huntalas commented Trackback

Yes! Yes! Pulse 2011 was a huge success for Tivoli storage! Each time I visited our storage peds in the Expo hall, they were jam packed with customers & Business Partners. What a great way to start the week with our storage track kickoff session packed to standing room only! That seemed to be par for the course all week at all of the storage sessions. So, we're going on the record now to say "first floor, bigger rooms, please!" @Pulse 2012. Because after all, Tivoli storage rocked Pulse 2011! Great momentum that we can capitalize on all year. Nice job, everyone!

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