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1 Danyel Otteson commented Trackback

Learning the best tips and tools for a best of bread backup & disaster recovery plan was what this Tech Target seminar was all about. During the Dallas, TX session on April 8, the attendees learned that backup & recovery was about having right data, in the right place, at the right time now as it's no longer the situation to have only one data center. For example there maybe 30 branches of a small credit union to manage.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is no longer just a command line tool anymore, it's Intuitive, Intelligent and Proven with 20+ years of experience. Attendees had the opportunity to see the demo of 7.1 and hear how the best practice of IBM Blueprints to help with sizing and deployments of TSM. In addition, the TCO study can be conducted on your environment (customer report - data collection - business case/cost prospective) to help you understand the investment you have made with your back & recovery vendor.
Attendees enjoyed the networking and best practices. Why not consider attending one of the upcoming events. http://storagedecisions.techtarget.com/seminars/Backup_DataProtection.html

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