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1 Thorsten Zoerner commented Trackback

Wau... I really burn after reading your post (as you mentioned on Twitter)-

A while ago I started to collect a selection of my public profiles using a service called Dandyid ( http://www.dandyid.org/id/zoernert ). However this does not reflect the truth as some of the special interest communities I am on are not even available in this service.
Honestly I was shocked after filling out the registration for DandyID. So many profiles, so many communities.
Than I brought up a thesis (in German language) http://www.cyber-junk.de/nachgedacht/communities-sind-tod-es-leben-communities-meine-bindungsangste/
"Communities are dead..."
Long story short:
If we are talking about communities that you have to register for. We are talking about a 1:1 copy of offline communities into the web. However I lifes changes. SocialWeb is more Ad-Hoc style. We care about a topic now. And tomorrow about a different topic. The old model of communities do not allow such a dynamic.
One way out of this are Micro Communities (sorry again in German) https://www-951.ibm.com/blogs/thorsten_zoerner/entry/micro_communities_twitter_im_blog_verbindet_menschen_mit_inhalt . Or Communities that get founded arround an individual blog post.
Let's exchange your thoughts about this..

2 Johnny hjemmesider commented Permalink

How much time a day do you spend to upkeep your social network profiles?

If i miss just one day, i get a ton of messages and posts i have to respond to...
Web Designer

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