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1 Ioannis Kakavas commented Permalink

Hello Shane !

Great article and walkthrough as usual , just a minor comment on the mapping rule :
When/if someone decides to turn on the useTAMAsImmutableID flag, the line below needs to be commented out also
// Clear the stsuu. We don't need any of the existing data.
Otherwise, the AZN_CRED_PRINCIPAL_UUID will be null when attempting to retrieve it via the
alias = stsuu.getAttributeValueByName("AZN_CRED_PRINCIPAL_UUID");
It is pretty obvious, but it could save some time of troubleshooting for anyone running a PoC using these instructions .

2 Ioannis Kakavas commented Permalink

Sorry for the comment spam but I cannot edit the already committed comment:
A more valid solution to the problem above is to clear the stsuu after getting the AZN_CRED_PRINCIPAL_UUID as otherwise you will end up with duplicate name attribute on your stsuu.
Please feel free to consolidate this with the previous comment if possible !


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