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1 Ioannis Kakavas commented Permalink

Hello Shane !

Great article and walkthrough as usual , just a minor comment on the mapping rule :
When/if someone decides to turn on the useTAMAsImmutableID flag, the line below needs to be commented out also
// Clear the stsuu. We don't need any of the existing data.
Otherwise, the AZN_CRED_PRINCIPAL_UUID will be null when attempting to retrieve it via the
alias = stsuu.getAttributeValueByName("AZN_CRED_PRINCIPAL_UUID");
It is pretty obvious, but it could save some time of troubleshooting for anyone running a PoC using these instructions .

2 Ioannis Kakavas commented Permalink

Sorry for the comment spam but I cannot edit the already committed comment:
A more valid solution to the problem above is to clear the stsuu after getting the AZN_CRED_PRINCIPAL_UUID as otherwise you will end up with duplicate name attribute on your stsuu.
Please feel free to consolidate this with the previous comment if possible !


3 Kristof Goossens commented Permalink

Hi Shane,

Thx for this article!
I am trying to integrate tfim with o365, but it seems MS has indeed changed some things since you wrote this post. When I try to integrate, I get an error stating that the request is invalid due to the fact that the wct parameter is missing. Looking at the incoming request, it is indeed missing.
Do you have any idea on how to proceed towards a solution for this issue?
Thx in advance

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