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1 Doug Breaux commented Permalink

Thanks for the nice, clear explanation, Shane.

2 Jim Smith commented Permalink

Hi Shane,

Thanks for this example.
Actually I landed on this page while searching for a design approach to protect a mobile application ( Rest APIs etc ) with webseal. We have a customer looking at leveraging webseal for protecting a mobile application ( mainly REST APIs ). The application is hosted on a non-IBM back-end and webseal is intended to provide authentication and SSO for the application.
The turn around for solution is expected to be fairly quick and hence upgrade to ISAM for mobile is not a preferred option.
Here is the application flow -
1) User opens the application on a mobile device
2) Webseal prompts for userid/password for the first time. Upon successful authentication, a token is issued with some predefined expiration, say 12 hrs
3) For all subsequent requests, the device uses this token
4) After 12 hrs, the user is asked to enter user/password again
We are mainly exploring following options -
1) OAuth - which may be an overkill for a simple application and we would need an OAuth provider, using TFIM
2) Use re-authentication feature with some custom cookies to extend the session beyond 30 mins upto 12 hours
Would there be any other simpler approach we should consider ? Or, out of the above two options, which one we can prefer ?

3 Shane Weeden commented Permalink

If you are time-constrained on implementing the solution I would see that as a driver to moving to ISAM4Mobile, not a reason to avoid the upgrade. OAuth is far superior in terms of client-programming simplicity than a cookie-based approach. ISAM4Mobile offers a more consumable OAuth solution for your use case out of the box than TFIM 6.2.2 software.


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