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1 Sarah Carter commented Permalink

News just in... Sarah Palin (finally) announces support for Romney and Ryan.. on Facebook.. and introducing religion into the debate.. - this via the Huffington post.. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/04/paul-ryan-social-conservatives-religious-freedom_n_2074129.html)

2 Adam Smye-Rumsby commented Permalink

Interesting analysis Sarah. Do you know if all survey respondents have both LinkedIn and Facebook accounts? I'm wondering if the 7% that would only share via LinkedIn are not Facebook members.

What do you suppose the reason is for Gen Y's reluctance to share in social channels? One theory I thought of is perceived risk -- Gen Y being at an earlier stage in their careers, may feel they have more to lose than those in their 40s/50s, should their political views be at odds with their networks'.
To your broader point, social media has definitely added an extra dimension to the election cycle this time around. With advances in analytics and increased social media participation, in 2016 it should be possible to predict the election outcome with a reasonable degree of confidence.

3 Keith Brooks commented Permalink

Crazy nutters these Americans. But it was not much better in other countries during elections.
In comparison, this study shows a different side of the younger generation.
Could it be your circle of influence is not populated with as many younger people? I know mine has few college age people or even people in their 20's.
Just a different insight?
Oh here is the survey I mentioned: http://mashable.com/2012/11/06/22-percent-share-vote-social-media/

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