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Comments (2)

1 Dr. LES commented Permalink

You are invited to join the CCAC, the place to be for captioning advocacy.
See http://ccacaptioning.org
Looking forward to your contributions

2 David Cordero commented Permalink

As a video content creator, I like the idea of captioning to further refine SEO capabilities. However, it has to be simple to implement as your average amateur video content creator does not even have Non-Linear Editing Systems at their disposal. The task at hand seems far away. Just getting audio converted to text can already provide so much rich information about video content and that alone can already provide immediate impact to SEO (not as much to accessibility).
Personally, if I can just have a way to create menus for MPEG-4 video file similar to a DVD and publish the file online (eg. YouTube), this capability will create so much more possibility for video content creators.

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