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1 Jacques Pavlenyi commented Permalink

I've been loving and using Traveler on my iPhone for years, as well as Sametime. And the new Connections mobile app for my iPad is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Just a little caveat: while the mobile apps are available on the App Stores at no cost to users, your business still needs to purchase the back-end software or SaaS services to run the apps. If you want to try the mobile apps at no cost to take a test run, you can connect them to http://greenhouse.lotus.com.

2 MIKHAIL RAMENDIK commented Permalink

Oh yes, the 90s! When those mobile communicators, while expensive. at least always had a keyboard!

I am totally unable to type on a small touch screen. I have to use my little finger and still miss a LOT of the time. And browsing, especially entering something in forms (a big part of mobile web-based email clients) is a painful experience.
I would REALLY REALLY love something modern in features that would look like the Nokia 9000! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_9000 . Until then all these fancy mobile apps are read only for me. (Unless I lug a bigger tablet around - but in that case I'd prefer to lug a netbook around. At any given size the keyboard is just better).

3 Lee Perlov commented Permalink

Access to profiles in Connections makes it easy for me to find the right person and establish contact quickly. It also lets me track updates on the communities that I follow (particularly wiki, forum, activity and file).

4 Sasja Beerendonk commented Permalink

What I particularly love using the mobile app is that I can instantly share photo's and updates with my social network and with my colleagues from the same device. Doing updates like that is in fact my notes from any conference/event.

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