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1 Alexis Atkins commented Permalink

Social Media Week is all about connecting people to people and connecting people to real time information. Colleen, I am participating in Social Media Week and have learned a great deal already and it's only Tuesday !

2 Colleen Burns commented Permalink

I did make it to bed just after midnight - but I spent a lot of time reading through the Tweets about the value of social media. I'm impressed and overwhelmed by the amount of information out there, Alexis.

When it comes to the value of social media - I think the real examples folks are providing make the most impact. If anyone has some to share -- we'd love to read about them. That's what this space is for!

3 Dwight Morse commented Permalink

I started tweeting as a way to let my boss know, real-time, the things that I was working on, and to give others a look into a day in the life of an IBM product manager. As the list of those that I followed increased, I found that I knew more about what was going on in the community outside of my office walls.

It's almost like having the radio or television on, in the background. Often, I'll pick something up without realizing where I got it from. I've always used Twitter as a business tool, leaving personal stuff to Facebook. Because of who I follow and what I Tweet, it all adds business value.
One unexpected benefit is that the personal stuff on Facebook provides a great conversation ice-breaker when I see the people at a business event. I get great value out of the conversations that I may never have had, otherwise.

4 Joyce Davis commented Permalink

I love using social media to connect with customers, business partners, and colleagues. In addition to sharing information about meetings and new content, Twitter and Facebook are great ways to *interact* with community members -- answer questions, ask for feedback, brainstorm ideas. And once a few people respond or retweet, you've got a great conversation in no time! Social media can help you communicate across disparate groups more efficiently and openly.

5 Sharnette Mitchell commented Permalink

I must admit, joining the social media craze was intimidating at first, but now that I'm on board, I can't imagine life without it. I'm so much more connected and able to access information to make more informed decisions quicker. I love being able to use instant messaging to get answers quickly. Or use LotusLive to review / share presentations with my team. But on a personal note, I love how social media has deepened my relationship with my daughter. I may know more than I want to know, but at least I'm connected to her using the social methods she enjoys!

6 Emily Tornatore commented Permalink

I think it's so amazing how thru Social Media you can reach so many people at once. Business wise, I like that I can read an article that pertains to the clients I see on a daily basis, post it on fb or twitter and have a good amount of people read it. It's great to create conversation as well as give insight to information that everyone may not have access to if they didn't happen to stumble upon it.

7 Thunder Tang commented Permalink

I also love using social media to connect with customers, business partners, and colleagues.
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