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Holly, my sense is that Fortune 500 companies aren't yet using social media for thought leadership. I would imagine the VPs of IBM don't need to head over to, say, Facebook to find out what industry leaders are saying about cloud computing, for example.

Do you think the social realm is geared more towards consumer-based, B2C success than a B2B, thought-based arena? I feel that most companies have a social media presence simply because it's expected, and not because it provides any real value. I'm not sure how they can overcome that challenge. What are your thoughts?
Mark Parisi

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Hi Mark. Great thoughts and comments -- thanks for sharing them.

I agree that many Fortune 500 companies aren't using social media for thought leadership, yet, but I believe that's changing as we speak.
And the social realm has been weighted toward B2C without a doubt since all of the social networking platforms were targeted at individuals connecting with individuals first, on a personal, friend-to-friend basis. But I think we're definitely seeing a maturity in all of the platforms, and an expansion into B2B that will continue to grow, as we see the personal/workplace line continue to blur. A digital presence is going eventually be so ubiquitous we won't even give it a second thought.
And I'm sure there are a lot of companies just throwing content up on the social media channels, much the same as corporations moved into virtual worlds and put up essentially brick-and-mortar stores in an entirely new environment. The difference I see though, is that social networking shows no sign of peaking, and the entry point is minimal and easy -- smart phone, tablet, computer, doesn't matter which device you're device vs. the virtual worlds which had such a high barrier to entry with needing more and more expensive hardware.
I truly believe that companies, either B2B or B2C who don't participate in social networking with their clients and prospects will ultimately lose clients and sales to those who do participate fully.

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@Mark Actually IBM is really stepping up it's presence for IBM Cloud on all social venues. The new IBM Cloud Facebook was launched in December and already has over 2000 fans. There is dedicated staffing in place to nurture this implementation...which I think is key to any successful social channel. Chelsea Farnam curates content and focused on trying to create conversations rather than just using this implementation for promotions. She's also created some custom sections to help draw additoinal interest including a welcome page that encourages fans to like the page, a classroom for education and a #cloudchat page that provides a summary of the monthly #chat run by @IBMcloud.

I know there are a lot of people who don't use Facebook for professional purposed. Personally, I do use Facebook to get this type of information. I often get notified of new blogs like this one Holly did because I am a fan of the Social Business Facebook page. I check Facebook more consistently than other venues because I've personally chosen to use mine for both personal and business use. For me, being on Facebook with my work collegues who are scattered across the world and sharing my personal life with these collegues has helped me develop the working relationships that are normally only possible if you work in an office side by side. They get to see the side of me they would see if we were able to see each other everyday. It fills a gap that missing in remote working environments.

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