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1 david goldes commented Permalink

I couldn't agree with Paul's thoughts more.

Paul, you (and anyone else reading this) might be interested in our new project, Frequent Business Traveler magazine. It's available on the web (no paywall) and covers a lot of areas you would probably find quite interesting.
See http://www.frequentbusinesstraveler.com
The editorial side of the magazine is managed in Lotus Notes incidentally.

2 Paul Band commented Permalink

Thanks for sharing the link, David. Looks like its right up my street. Cheers.

3 Colleen Burns commented Permalink

Great post Paul. I have to agree that frequent business travel is an endurance sport!

While I have fallen out of training in the past couple of years, here are a few tips for being productive:
I download podcasts or TED Talks that I have been meaning to listen to - great way to avoid a chatty neighbor!
Attempt to clean out my inbox! I set a goal of deleting or filing 1500 email - depending on the length of the trip. (rarely successful though)
And here is one I have yet to perfect -- only pack half of what you think you will need! (Recent over packing on a trip to NY left me digging through my suitcase to remove 7 extra pounds! I told you I was out of training!)

4 Chris Pepin commented Permalink

A great list Paul! Here are a few mobile smartphone apps that I find useful in addition to the airline application (Delta is my favorite)

1. TripIt: keep track of my travel plans
2. XE Currency: convert from US to local currency
3. Yelp: restaurant recommendations
4. Google Translate: language translation
5. International SOS: Country alerts and guides

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