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1 Carol Sumner commented Permalink

I've been looking at the BodyMedia device for several weeks now. I'm just not sure I want that much information!

2 Colleen Burns commented Permalink

Carol - I wonder that sometimes, too! But can't stop thinking about that School House Rock song from elementary school - "Knowledge is Power."

I've used some less advanced social/wellness gadgets in the past that allow me to share my running results online -- and I've read posts from others who are using them - and I find it very motivating. Sure, not as motivating as my clothes fitting better, but seeing the effects of my choices (like lack of sleep and poor eating) spelled out, has a certain immediacy that I respond well to. I can see where some people may be less willing to share this kind of information, but I think knowledge and collective knowledge is power. (What I tend not to respond well to is the high cost of some new gadgets!)

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