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Comments (7)

1 Christine Yuen commented Permalink

Congrats to your son! What an amazing opportunity. Once in a lifetime.

2 Holly Nielsen commented Permalink

What an exciting opportunity, and congratulations to your son, Carol. And what an excellent example of the power of social networking.

3 Andrew Sica commented Permalink

That's an unbelievable story - sounds like a fantastic opportunity and a great example of how someone can use their online reputation is a positive manner!

Congrats to your son!

4 Christopher Amos commented Permalink

Awesome story. Thanks for sharing Carol

5 Luc Groleau commented Permalink

Thank you for sharing this Carol. I love the video.

6 Hollie Williams commented Permalink

Great experience for your son.. of course I found the link to the story in Twitter!! Go Social!

7 jack wify commented Permalink

Finding the balance between providing information about yourself and not swamping new contacts with all your social networking sites is also key to a successful business card.
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