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1 Wannes Rams commented Permalink

Thx for the tips Paul,

Here's one from me. IBM delivers some scripts to defragment your DB2 database data.
I have found them very usefull to improve performance in bigger environments.
You can find the wiki article here:
You will use reorg that requires the Database to be down except when using transactional logging as Paul suggested already (that would also be my recomendation)

2 Paul Band commented Permalink

Thanks for your comment, Wannes. What do you reckon the best way to schedule a regular reorg would be? I'm guessing you could a) Use crontab to call the db2 script... db2 -tvf <reorgscriptname>.sql; b) Windows service to do the same; c) A DB2 scheduled maintenance job.</reorgscriptname>

3 Wannes Rams commented Permalink

I have used a and c in the past and both work fine. Depends on how the environment is managed. I would rather not rely on Windows services.

4 Gourishankar Menon commented Permalink

Nice article

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