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1 Jonas Bladt Hansen commented Permalink

Hi Adam

You made some great points on the challenges companies are struggling with in relation to social media.
I have implemented a social software tool (www.dsb.dk/genlyd) in our company (8500 employees), that engages our employees in our strategy execution by rewarding their actions with badges, off line rewards for most likes etc. It works pretty well.
When I speak at conferences I often discuss the dilemma companies are facing: They see the advantages in using social software even with gamification, but the rational business approach clashes with the more irrational or informal approach that social software demands. The bottom line then is that companies just use social software as a new platform that is a bit more efficient as emails - for example as a Q&A tool. But if you want to engage employees, get their tacit knowledge and share day to day knowledge, I think we need to combine serious business with entertainment. And that is where gamification comes in - and where your company (ISW) amongst others can make a huge difference.

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