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“Today, leading companies aren’t just changing the way we work; they’re using smarter solutions to reinvent it entirely.”< /i>

Organizations like Colleagues In Care, (CIC) a non-profit recently recognized by the Computerworld Laureate Honors Program, is a great example of how implementing smarter solutions can lead to a smarter planet.  CIC is applying leading edge IBM SmartCloud social collaboration and document editing technologies to support systemic change and transform healthcare delivery in Haiti.  
CIC's Collaboration and Social Learning Consultant, Marie Kenersonrecently returned from Haiti and shares the latest advancements her team is making with the use of IBM SmartCloud tools.


Social Business for social change

imageMarie Kenerson, Colleagues In Care

When Colleagues In Care co-founder, Dr. John Kenerson, and I recently returned to Haiti for a training tour, we were delighted to see the new airline terminal in Port-au-Prince. The progress since my last visit six months ago was abundantly clear as we drove through the city. The ruins and rubble from the Capitol building, destroyed by the 2010 earthquake, have been supplanted by an open air space- park. Many of the thousands of tents have disappeared. People filled the streets selling their goods. Life in Port-au-Prince, in some ways, showed tangible improvement; however, these changes do not completely eradicate the deplorable living conditions that exist for so many.


During this trip, we worked with groups beyond Port-au-Prince, traveling throughout the scenic central plateau of Haiti to train physicians from various hospitals and organizations how to use CIC’s SmartCloud solution.


Our intention was clear. First, we wanted to conduct a training tour that ensured our partners were familiar with the new office productivity capabilities of IBM SmartCloud Docs for collaborative online document editing. It’s crucial that the more than 150 members registered in the various communities within CIC’s SmartCloud environment have the requisite skills to actively participate in the co-creation of our Best Possible Practices medical protocols and specifically, our new hypertension manual and program design. If we are inviting input from our American and Haitian members, we realized, we must first support their learning about these social cloud technologies.


We conducted training sessions with physicians from five different hospitals and clinics and met with the Minister of Health in Hinche to discuss our integrated Social Collaboration Solution implementations. We even had a meeting at a Toyota dealership where one of our CIC collaboration groups purchased a new HiLux truck for transporting patients and medications in rural Haiti.


While we were there, John and I also spent time finalizing a national Haiti Hypertension Program curriculum and the Blood Pressure Measurement Specialist Certification Manual written by the CIC Hypertension Community. This was a perfect opportunity to teach our colleagues just how real time collaboration works because participants were using IBM SmartCloud Docs to co-edit and comment on the materials.  I loved this comment from Dr. Joanel Joasil on using CIC’s Social Collaboration Solution exclaimed, "If we share what we know, we can do so much better!”


The first Haiti Hypertension Program Level I training will begin at HUEH University Medical School in Port-au-Prince June 5, and will be rolled out throughout Haiti’s major medical education programs.  


We are also in the midst of creating the first-of-its-kind Emergency Medical Obstetrics (EMO) Program. EMO will train medical practitioners to better understand obstetrics and midwives to better understand medical conditions affecting pregnant women. We have surveyed and subsequently enlisted our Haitian colleagues in the active stages of this program. Again, our IBM SmartCloud Docs training was crucial to the inclusive involvement of our members as we develop, evaluate and implement another unique and necessary program. We are always incorporating leading edge social and technological advances to increase efficiency, quality and access to comprehensive, practical and relevant materials.


Haiti has the opportunity, through CIC and IBM's SmartCloud for Social Business platform, to pioneer social business for social change. There are no legacy systems or old ways of working in place and so innovative thinking is possible and welcomed on the ground. We simply need to demonstrate how using sophisticated social cloud-based tools revolutionizes, supports and optimizes international development efforts. We are creating a virtual work space where colleagues who care can learn to learn together. This social business solution is about connecting people and democratizing participation as we explore new ways to address complex problems. In this emerging world of social media, social business, and cloud-based applications, we have the opportunity to lead our Haitian colleagues to the forefront of sustainable, social change.


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