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1 Roland Hameeteman commented Permalink

Hi Jacques,

I totally agree with your blog and I want to add something to it. We started our company e-office more than 20 years a go as one of the first Lotus Notes partners in the Netherlands. Since then we have been search for new ways of building organisations. How can you be predicable and profitable as a company and how can you gain the most of the unique capabilities of all the employees around you.
And it seems that it has all to do with culture and leadership, not in one direction but in two directions. We call the concept Yellow&Blue. Yellow stands for creating and Blue stands for producing. Yellow&Blue are two 'cultural systems' with their own characteristics. Yellow needs trust and Blue needs control.
Yellow can work for you and against you. The same of course for Blue. It's important for management and employees to understand these basic systems. Understand the forces and the limits.
There is a lot more to say about this topic (I wrote 3 books about it). If you want to know more about our 20 years journey, let me know.
Roland Hameeteman

2 Evan Grant commented Permalink

The link http://ibm.co/SocBizEtiquette is broken.

Suspect it was meant to point at this page (also linked above):

3 Jacques Pavlenyi commented Permalink

@Evan - thanks, apologies for the broken link. I just corrected it, it should have been http://ibm.co/SocBizEtiquette.

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