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Comments (7)

1 Cliff Kinard commented Permalink

Thank you for this summary! I can't wait for Sandy Carter's panel tomorrow on Social Trends with Forbes and Huffington Post.

Also really looking forward to Jean McGonigal on Wednesday. Her SXSW keynote was so awesome I had to immediately read her book!

2 Keith Coffaro commented Permalink

Unfortunately, the Tuesday 5:30pm – 6:30pm Adminblast 2013. The Top 60 tips for Administrators is on the schedule but not streaming. I was hoping to catch this.

3 Finn Ladegaard Knudsen commented Permalink

Hope to see the Tuesday 5:30pm – 6:30pm Adminblast 2013. as recording on livestream.com. Please

4 Donna Bieg commented Permalink

Wednesday 1:15 session with Sandy Carter will not be broadcasting, instead, Tuesday's Keynote session will be replayed.

5 Casper Andersen commented Permalink

What happened to the Worst Practices session? It was on for Wed @5:30 and now it has been removed????

6 Henric Dahlberg commented Permalink

I´m also waiting for the Worst Practices session?? Where is it?

7 Chris Fiorentino commented Permalink

Was there a guest speaker for the Opening General Session, in the ilk of Michael J Fox and Kevin Spacey? If so, who was it and is there a link to the video? Thanks in advance.

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