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1 John McArthur commented Permalink

I'm a member of the IT Special Interest Group of TechSandBox (www.techsandbox.org), a tech incubator outside of Boston. A question was raised recently whether IBM was making available on a shared-service, subscription basis the Watson technology to enable tech startups to develop new services. Can you share any insight?

2 Daniel Davis commented Permalink

Hi John. Thanks for asking. The response below comes from Rahul Garg. He says you can reach out to him directly if you'd like more information.

We have a Watson ecosystem program they can apply to be part of. This is specifically to allow companies to use the Watson Platform in 3 ways:
a. as an application partner
b. as a content partner
c. talent expert (certification)
There also is a Watson developer program that is specifically for people to try it out (though this is aimed at enterprise customers).

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