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1 JOSHUA SERRY commented Permalink

You mentioned that you used Files to provide selected users with confidential content. This is fine however what if you have a community user base (100 people) and you want to provide a select few of them, (10 executives) with the ability or permissions to edit a certain part of the wiki? Is this possible?

To recap is it possible to allow a subset of a community's users access to edit / see part of a community / wiki / blog or forum.
Can you also provide more detail about how you provided each user a master wiki?
Does this mean each user had their own wiki, which only they could edit but others could view etc? Or in which everyone had read and write access on everyones master wiki?

2 JOSHUA SERRY commented Permalink

EDIT Can you provide restricted access to parts of a wiki / blog / forum community so that multiple people can for example edit a wiki at once, but only executives could see the project as a whole, everyone else could only see the part of the wiki (project) they are working on? Kind of like a need to know thing?

All (execs)
Part A - Architects?
Part B Project Managers
Part C Designers etc

3 Greg Johnson commented Permalink

Interesting approach

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