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1 Dhruti Krishnan commented Permalink

As many organizations today begin to exemplify “social business” behaviors, they will begin to experience different levels of change within company culture, its processes and the technology that drives the business.

An organisation first needs to transform culturally, Here are some considerations that you must evaluate
Leadership using social technologies to communicate internally/externally
Leadership encouraging teams to collaborate across the ecosystem (job functions, product teams, channel)
Social behaviors become a part of employees’ everyday workflow and job process
The establishment of a Social Business Center of Excellence responsible for operationalizing social media
Internal teams are sharing plans, best practices and knowledge
Cross functional, interdisciplinary teams and customers innovating products and processes together
Social business initiatives becomes a consistent line item in marketing, operations and IT budgets
Human resources adds social behaviors into employees’ job descriptions and they are excited about it
Have you seen anything in your organization that indicates this evolution to social business?
We would love to know more.,.so please share.

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