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1 Tim Royle commented Trackback

The most compelling summary of the strategic importance of Social CRM I've read.
Great work Brandi!

As a side note, Social CRM is just as important for B2B as B2C. B2C - Business To Consumer businesses are talked about a lot in this context because consumer products companies are pioneering social media marketing. But, all businesses need to get closer to their customers and be more profitable.
To me, the Analytics piece is key is the key part of the solution.
We can view the Social CRM solution as 3 layered:
1) The front-end eg. IBM Connections, Kudos Badges & Sugar CRM
2) Integration - eg. Websphere Portal
3) Analytics - eg. Cognos
Without an Analytics capability companies are in the dark. They're collecting lots of information through customer interaction, but they're not able to guide their people on how to do this best.

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