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1 Sherman Zhao commented Permalink

As a consultant, I usually work at the client's office. Keeping good relationship with clients is the key to improve workplace happiness. Team building, like having a drink, playing soccer, etc is a good way to keep good relationship with clients.

2 Todd Horton commented Permalink

@ Sherman. I really like the soccer idea. I remember playing in an office softball league a while back which really brought everyone together. Thanks for the comment!

3 KHALID RAZA commented Permalink

That is such a timely topic Todd and thank you for sharing it along. I am HUGE proponent of workplace happiness and how it impacts all of us (productivity and engagement). I agree with almost all the points your shared (Did I say, I did not agree with the music one...lol).
But more importantly being happy helps us bond better with others and that boosts collaboration. I wrote a similar piece and would love to see your thoughts on that: http://khalidraza9.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/you-can-make-a-happy-workplace/
Now I am listening to 'Happy' by Pharrell!

4 Theresa St-Denis commented Permalink

Our "boss" is really great so we ask him to join us in some of our activities. For example, we play mini-golf once a year and gather at a co-worker's house to have a little social time outside of work. We also participate in volunteer work together, go to lunch together, and celebrate our birthdays together. We are a very tight team as a result and everyone knows that the others can be relied on to help when the need arises. We also share in the bad times and commiserate with a colleague when things have gone wrong in their personal life.

I love working with my team mates. We are all hardworking but when you love your work (and who you're working with) it doesn't feel like a burden. It means that, however difficult the task, I can start work with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

5 Todd Horton commented Permalink

@Khalid Thanks for the comment and for sharing your link! To your point, a little compassion and social awareness can go a long way.

and @ Theresa, it sounds like you have a tight knit group of co-workers. It's great you participate in so many activities together. I like the mini-golf idea. Our team once went out to play Laser Tag of all things. Let's just say it got competitive quickly.

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