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Comments (3)

1 Patrick Kwinten commented Permalink

"Why XPages Development is Targeting Mobile First" I rather hear the 'how' in an app dev session.

Good luck with the programme!

2 Kristin Keene commented Permalink

Many many more sessions to come ! Thx for the feedback

3 Daniel Carlucci commented Permalink

When can we expect a more robust agenda? I need to justify the expense and with the limited number of announced sessions and some of the current titles make that very difficult. It doesn't help when the organizers use titles like: "Avoid Being a Social ZOMBIE in a Global World", "Talking “SMAC” in 2014: What You Need to Know", "Smarter Workforce MYTHBUSTERS" & "Time to Level Up! GAMIFIED Talent Management". These terms, although catchy don’t help me to defend that business relevant material is being presented. We need a detailed agenda and we need it now!

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