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1 Om Goeckermann commented Permalink

It's extremely heartening to see this commitment to design from the highest levels. Ultimately the end-user experience will generate commitment to our products and drive the brand forward. The IBM Selectric is an excellent example of a game changing device whose form and function embodied the best ideals of both. Support staff demanded them and, once acquired, clung to them with tenacity. I can see a more recent past filled with shifty design ethos and divergence of product focus.
Moving some attention from the point of sale to the end user is also a good thing. User experience impacts everything including hardware sales and loyalty.
So, despite the grand vision of hiring design students and opening a design center, it would also be encouraging to see mention of the responsibility we all have as IBMers to improve and advance the user experience across all fronts. Making important changes to documentation, internal processes, workflows and client engagement is within the realm of every one of us and should be strongly encouraged too.
Empowerment programs do exist, but if they are underutilized, should be reworked to invigorate employee generated improvements.
Ultimately, we are all responsible for making a positive user experience and that is highly rewarding when supported by org. level action.

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