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1 Alan Hamilton commented Permalink

If you have a good enough relationship with your customer that you can can connect with them as friends on Facebook, then I say you should do it. Social networking is not about quantity but quality. If you have such a good relationship with the customer then in some respects it might be impolite not to.

LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and all the others should be treated with being the right tool for the right relationship.
Connecting this way drives authenticity with relationships. It's the same as asking a customer to a sports game, to dinner or some other social occasion. You do what you think is appropriate. Social networks are the same.
Friending on Facebook doesn't remove the need for you to use your judgement.

2 Chris Miller commented Permalink

I believe the misleading is a personal Facebook page is the way to reach people and interact on Facebook. I maintain a personal page for personal relationships it have public pages that I interact with the public. The timeline in Facebook is stronger than anyone keeping up on Twitter. I see more clicks and follow through from Facebook

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