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1 Tara Dunn commented Permalink

Unplugging for more than a few hours is a real challenge for me. I visited the beach just last weekend and as I took my shoes off to stride into the surf I thought "should I have brought my phone? I think I need to take a picture of this..."
Of course, there was no "need" to take a picture, and once I let the feeling go, I had a beautiful and restful walk on the beach.
I like the idea of making it clear to friends and colleagues that you are incommunicado, and why. Self care.
Thanks for sharing!

2 Colleen Burns commented Permalink

I find myself in the same boat, Tara. I also find myself thinking in 140 characters at times - adding figurative hashtags to my thoughts! I think disconnecting is crucial for personal and business benefits. Stepping away from the constant feed of news and information lets the mind relax, recharge and focus on different issues - which can ultimately lead to some innovative approaches - or just a really good daydream. Both are essential! It also lets you process your thoughts - in complete sentences.

I think it comes down to balance #IMO.

3 Keith Brooks commented Permalink

Tara, Thank you for reading the post. The "need" never goes away. I am always wishing I had a camera when the kids or dog do something that I would like a picture. But that is just how it works.
People think these days that when you say you are off, it means you are not actively working but will check email or notifications. Off for me is off.
The downside is ideas come to me but I have no way to record them or write them at these times.

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