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1 Holly Nielsen commented Permalink

Right after I wrote this blog post, there was an interesting twist on crowdfunding that popped up with cartoonist Matthew "The Oatmeal" Inman as this Digital Life on msnbcToday article explains: http://bit.ly/MiP9KQ
(As of today, he's raised 900% of his goal, according to his Facebook page.)

2 Peter Fay commented Permalink

Just read a fascinating article in the July 26 edition of the Boston Globe on Kickstarter project started by artist/musician Amanda Palmer. Her goal was $100K for funding new album and supporting an upcoming tour...she quickly blew by her target and raised $1.2 Million with her " investors" getting special CDs, invitation-only acoustic shows and other events customized for her loyal fan base. Another great example of the power of "social"

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